Friday, October 01, 2010

The Name "Hebrides" - Ebudae, Haebudae, Suoregar

Ebudae:  From Roman Maps

Often, names reflect a place's history, or prominent persons, conquerors, or events.  The Hebrides if seen from the Norse angle (Viking era 850 ff), is the Southern Islands, or Suoregar, see Etymology Online, as opposed to the Northern Islands, the Orkney Islands off Scotland's northern tip. All the R's mixed with the more traditional name from Roman times, Ebudae or Haebudes.

Hebrides is seen by some as an apparent scribe's misspelling from the more ancient "Ebudae" or "Haebudes" -- adding the r. But a look at the Roman source suggests that the R comes from the Viking name, incorporated. Suoregar and Haebudes or Ebudae.

Commercial sites can offer cultural information that the cultural sites miss.  Find the translations of Enya songs from the album at ://  The name Ebudae, according to that site, comes from the Latin, from old Roman maps .Enya, Shepherd Moons, Ebudae as Roman Name

Enya has a lovely, haunting song called "Ebudae" from the album Shepherd Moons (no, we get nothing for this approval of a nice song)  at Enya, Ebudae, Youtube.  Hear the lower tone drone.

Waulking songs:

Old Hebrides Culture:  The Shepherd Moons site also identifies the song as a waulking song -- traditional to the western Hebrides, a song sung by women fulling cloth.  Fulling is a beating of woven wool cloth in water so it shrinks and becomes felt.

Search for Gaelic waulking songs.  "Orain Luadh" -- includes the fulling concept. Find them in Wales, Scotland, and for a historical, etymological overview, see Silicon Glen, Scotland, Waulking

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